Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of September 03, 2006

Week of September 03, 2006 - DRESSING IT UP
We've been very busy the last two weeks with several projects. Floors, Siding, Trimming, Sophetts and "Eyebrows."
Floors are back in.

The picture below shows the original top plank board for the upstairs flooring. You can see that the back of the house was 4" lower than the front. That has now been fixed with the new flooring.

By leveling and raising the upstairs floor, Gary now had to cut out the new holes for the new windows.

We have been and will continue to work on the siding and trimming of the house. Chris has been busy painting and Gary has been installing. So far we've trimmed some of the windows, the house and have installed some of the sophetts.
We are using cement siding so the pieces are very heavy. Remember we mentioned that Gary doesn't like heights. He's installed all the sophetts on his own!

Gary calls them "Eyebrows." He spent an entire day making them. Chris came by and decided they were too long and too wide. She said "just tear off and forget it." Gary agreed that after spending the whole day on what would become scrap, it just wasn't worth it. He must have changed his mind . . . the next day, Gary went back and made a shorted and smaller eyebrow. Much Better!! However, please note that was 2 days of work!

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