Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of July 02, 2006

Week of July 02, 2006 - THEN, WHEN & NOW . . .
Ever since we were granted our permits, Gary has been a one man demolition crew. (He didn't want to bother anyone with the dirty work.) In two weeks he has managed to gut the entire upstairs, has torn off most of the siding and eliminated both the front and rear porches. We are going on our 3rd dumpster!
"Antique farmhouses are patchwork structures with layers of renovations and additions, each one telling a tale about how the place grew from generations to generation, each addition recording a chapter in the history of the house."
When Gary took off the plaster upstairs, he discovered the old roof line. We thought the two story structure was original and what we found is that the house started as a one story structure.

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