Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of May 27, 2007

The Week of May 27, 2007 - A NEW WILMOT ATTRACTION

It's been slow going on the house. Gary is still busy painting interior things such as the doors, trim, etc. With everything getting two coats of paint plus a sealer coat, there is plenty to do. On top of it, painting is one of Gary's least favorite things to do.

In the meantime, Gary finally figured out what he wanted to do over the front door.

We have also been at work putting up our version of a shrine to "The Hubcap House." We don't ever want to forget what made our house infamous. While we do have a hubcap in the wall of the home, we wanted to have something that everyone could see. Thus, "Hubcap House Park" was created.

This 9 by 11 feet haven is full of plants that are either from our yard or Chris' sisters yard and all the rocks are from the property. The smallest park in the Midwest is bound to be a big tourist attraction for Wilmot, WI.

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