Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of July 08, 2007

Week of July 08, 2007 - THINGS ARE COOKING UP

The shelf that is located above the sink is made out of old barn wood. It is accompanied by an authentic, antique lamp.

We found this old store counter that will be used as an island in our kitchen. To complete the look of an old store, we installed this old kerosene lantern originally from a general store in upstate New York. Now that we have a start on the kitchen, can you see our vision becoming a reality?

You can see here that the porch roof is done, this completes the overall porch. As promised, we are keeping the "Hubcap House" alive. We had decided to place a hubcap in the interior wall of the house and an additional one under the porch ceiling. You can see in the picture that one board is darker red, this is the color that the house will be when we are done painting.
We have had several visitors to the Hubcap House Park. The impatiens that are filling the garden were donated from Chris' sister, Irm. Come on by for a visit if you are in the area.

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