Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of July 30, 2006

Week of July 30, 2006 - EXPLANATION. . .
Well, some people are upset that we've taken off the wing of the house. Here is the reason behind the decision. . .
When we took off the plaster on the kitchen walls, we discovered that there once was a kitchen fire and the evidence left behind were charcoal sticks holding up the wall. Therefore, no structural value for us to add on our second floor. We had no choice but to take it down and we were sad to see it go. However, it was a necessity to make our dream home come true.
We are recycling original pieces from our home whenever and wherever possible. We've already spoken about the floor that Gary painstakingly restored for use. We'd also like to share how we are recycling the doors from the home. We took 2 bedroom doors and 1 bathroom door and made it into our headboard.

"Our house must be seasoned by the past, but its inner working must be up to the minute. We want all the newness covered in layers of vintage tradition that has the air of history."

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