Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of June 10, 2007

Week of June 10, 2007 - GETTING INTO THE DETAILS

We continue to work on installing the bead board ceiling over the front porch. Gary is hanging and Chris continues with the staining.

We are extremely pleased with the railings that are now installed. They are period to the house so they fit right in.

In the 1970's, Don made four trips a year to the East Coast on search for authentic Victorian lighting. He would bring back his finds and resell to antique dealers in Chicago and Milwaukee. Lucky for us, Don educated us on one of his passions.

The ruby glass oil lamp, that now hangs in the stairwell, is from 1880. We converted it to electric for our use and it is among one of our favorite accessories to our home. What a beautiful lamp!

Our wall lamp is also an authentic light that is from the time that electric lamps were first used in homes. The lamp itself is made of heavy brass. Unfortunately, the shades are reproductions.
The two lights shown are among the favorites that were brought to Chris from her "light connection" and friend, Don. Don also gave Chris and her sister, Irm, numerous oil lamps from his collection over the past few years. We learned from Don that most of the lamps are old because when you shine a black light upon it, the glass chimney and oil lamp will glow a lime green. Unfortunately Don passed away this past March 4th, 2007. I was blessed to be able to call him a friend and his is greatly missed.

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