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Week of March 19, 2006

Week of March 19, 2006 - THE DIG

In the hopes of finding treasures, we had hobbyist bottle diggers come to the house this past Sunday to locate and dig in the privy. Barna, Dave & Steve came at 7:30 Sunday morning and located the privy within the hour. They used steel rods to penetrate the ground to find a "soft spot" where the privy might have been. They dug about 4 feet down. The first thing they brought up was a brown bottle that was still a 1/4 full of liquor. With the first find, Chris was going crazy that she had treasures in her very own yard!! Then they started finding chards of China, more bottles, bricks and fruit jars from the early 1900's.

After finding all they felt they would in the privy, they put back those items that weren't of interest Chris. She felt it would be fun for someone else to find them in another hundred years. The Bottle Diggers didn't find anything of interest to them which was fine for Chris . . . it meant all the goodies were for her.

Next "dig site" was about a foot away from the privy. It was determined that this site was more of a garbage dump for the home owners rather than a privy. It was in this location that 2 bowls were found intact.

It was a very exciting day for Chris. Finally. . . TREASURES!!

You can meet the Diggers at their website and see their finds:

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