Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of January 21, 2007

Week of January 21, 2007 - IF OUR WALLS COULD TALK

We will begin putting up drywall this Thursday. It will be exciting to see our rooms take shape.
As we stated in previous updates, we will be placing a sort of time capsule into the wall of our home. We want a piece of history to remain with the house and leave behind treasures for any future home owners.

This is what we included: 1980 Hubcap, the year it became the "Hubcap House", 2006 Kenosha County Fair signs from the summer we began work on the house, A print out of this website thus far showing the progress we've made, 1856 one cent piece that was found in the front wall, we believe it should stay with the house, A newspaper clipping about the house dated 1986, "The Reports" November 2005 newspaper story of us and the hubcap house, Bottles that were found under the back porch including an iridescent Heinz 57 glass ketchup bottle, a booze bottle, a medicine bottle and a Lipton Iced Tea bottle because it is the drink of choice while we are building our house.

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